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Lost Season 6 Ep 9 Review

Ab Aeterro

So Richard had his job for a very, very long time? Well this ep shows that it wasn’t that long. Ilana asks Richard what they should do now. Richard acts nuts, yells that they’re in hell and stomps off to join fake Locke. Ben seems unmoved.

This ep has no flash sideways thankfully; instead 2/3 of this ep is Richard’s flashback. It begins in Tenerife in 1867 and isn’t it funny how Tenerife of 1867 looks just like Hawaii?

Richard or rather Ricardo as he was then accidentally killed a nasty doctor who wouldn’t treat his sick wife. His wife died anyway of coughing into her hanky. Ricardo was arrested. Then a nasty priest sold him out to  Mr Whitfield who worked for Magnus Hanson. Ricardo ended up on the Black Rock in chains. Life just generally sucked for Ricardo but it got worse.

The Black Rock got wrecked on the island taking out the statue in the process. Mr Whitfield kills most of the captives until old smoky kills him and everyone else leaving only Ricardo. Old smoky and Ricardo face each other down. Ricardo sees his wife. Ricardo is below rock bottom basically. Then The Man In Black recruits him.

Ricardo agrees to kill Jacob with a great big knife. Jacob beats Ricardo up, nearly drowns him and gets him to switch allegiances also Ricardo's accent changes after the near drowning. Jacob uses a very interesting metaphor to describe the island and gives Ricardo the immortality he asked for to avoid hell. Then Ricardo gets his job as Jacob’s representative by asking an intelligent question. The Man in Black still wants Ricardo.

Richard stomps through the jungle and switches allegiances until Hurley talks him out of it. Richard switches allegiances yet again. Fake Locke glares. This was okay. It disappointed a bit, it was better when Richard hung around looking enigmatic like in season 3 and 4.

What’ll happen if the man in black escapes? Did Ben never wonder about Richard’s back-story? Richard’s kind of lost some lustre by having his origin story revealed. Richard knew all along what the smoke monster was yet Ben didn’t. Mmmmm. Where did the smashed pieces of the statue go? If Richard regretted killing that doctor then why did he kill people for Jacob? Why did he put up with the sanctimonious jerk and his morality plays for so long?

Best Lines:
Alpert has lost his mind.”

“We are shipwrecked in the middle of the jungle.”

“Did you meet a man in the jungle dressed in black?”

“I want to live forever.”

“He can be very convincing.”

“You have to stop the Man in black.”
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