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1995 Tape Tale

Cleared out another tape, this one from circa 1995. It had two season 1 ‘Due South’ episodes on it. They were the two parter ‘Chicago Holiday 1&2’. In this turgid tale Fraser is assigned to protect Christina, the daughter of a Canadian diplomat. But she’s a spoilt, selfish brat who does a runner.

Also running around the city is Janice (Stacy Haiduk of ‘Seaquest DSV’ and ‘Kindred: The Embraced’) the large ham baddie who wants a matchbox that a criminal wrote his list of dealers in. It’s a very short list and doesn’t seem worth all the fuss.

Christina ends up with matchbox and through an unlikely series of events Janice, Ray, Fraser and Christina chases each other and the matchbox all over town. Fraser is stupid. Christina gets up to various spoilt brat antics and learns nothing. She also steals Janice’s shoes putting herself in peril to do so. This was dull.
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