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Smallville Season 9: Absolute Justice Review

I gave up on ‘Smallville’ many seasons ago but I decided to give this much hyped Very Special episode a try and was pleasantly surprised. This was good even if it is evident that TPTB have seen ‘Watchmen’ one time too many.

Okay first things first; Chloe is still a smug liar to whom privacy is a foreign concept, too much stuff happens off screen, Green Arrow is a bullying jerk and Clark is an unemoting, non acting void. Via some exposition babbling Clark, Chloe and Green Arrow learn of a superhero team that operated in either the 1960’s or 1970’s called the Justice Society of America. Somehow they’ve never heard of them until now.

The JSA are being threatened by a Z list baddie named Icicle (who is an inept baddie and worse actor) The JSA (who don’t seem to have aged) and the Clark gang team up to fight Icicle unaware of the shadowy machinations of a group named Checkmate lead by Amanda (Pam Grier).

In between the JSA stuff there is less interesting stuff featuring Lois being a front page reporter, Tess pulling faces, Lois being stupid and the fact Clark still blows off responsibility. The JSA segments are great especially Carter Hall aka Hawkman (Michael Shanks of ‘Stargate SG1’), Doctor Fate (Brent Stait of ‘Andromeda’) and Stargirl who is supposed to be a teenager but looks about 40. Hawkman has great distain for Green Arrow and his stupid secret identity voice and throws him through a window. Green Arrow can only respond by muttering: “Pigeon Man.”

The JSA museum revel scene was impressive even if Doctor Fate had to describe Clark as a messiah. Clark learns Lex is alive and has a non-reaction. Martian Manhunter’s true face is revealed, there is a final slow motion fight, a revelation about Tess and Amanda describing a coming Apokolips.

If TPTB do another JSA episode I’d watch it otherwise no thanks.

Best Lines:
“I’m not his sidekick, I’m his protégée!”

“He spends most of his days wandering the streets searching for the secret to the universe at the bottom of trash cans.”

“The winged warrior here threw me through a window.”
“I hope I didn’t make you cry.”

“Think of me as your parole officer but with a mace.”

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