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Tape Tale of '97/98

Cleared out a tape from 1997/1998. It had an episode of season 4 ‘Babylon 5’ and an episode of season 1 ‘The Pretender’ on it.

The ‘B5’ ep was ‘Exercise of Vital Powers’ which displayed the show in all its candy coloured low budget non glory. Sheridan does look like a dictator in training, he occupies a moral tundra. William Edgars meets Garibaldi. Lyta stares at the frozen telepaths. There are exposition dumps. Edgars hates telepaths. Why did the Telepath War happen off screen? People look bored. This was dull.

The Pretender’ ep was ‘The Dragon House part 1’ in which Jarod encounters an evil pretender named Kyle (Jeffrey Donovan of ‘Burn Notice’). This show is really low budget. Broots, Miss Parker and Sydney are all scum. They know the Centre is up to fiendishly blood chilling stuff and don’t care. Jarod looks for his useless, idiot family. There is bad acting. Why were Jarod and Kyle’s sims filmed like music videos? The endless Catherine Parker mystery drags on. Miss Parker wears too much makeup and her skirts are too short. This ep drags and takes ages to get the point. Jarod has only begun to learn how tangled his family tree is. This was dull.
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