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Heroes Season 4 Eps 12 & 13 Reviewed

Please cancel this show!!!

Upon This Rock
Hiro acts mentally deficient. There is a flashback to young Joseph and Samuel and their bad accents. The evil carnies plot. Samuel hooks up with Emma. Ando shows up to be Hiro’s sidekick ignoring his own powers. Samuel finds another ‘special’ named Ian. Nathan’s death is disguised to look like a plane crash. Doyle menaces Claire again. Nathan’s funeral is held with no sign of his wife. This was dull.

Let It Bleed
We get a flashback to Nathan’s body in the boot of Noah’s car. Charming, a final undignified scene for Adrian Pasdar. Sylar’s back to ham it up. At this point in the narrative, Sylar is on par with a Roger Moore era Bond villain. Tracy and Matt continue to be MIA. Noah just will not stop lying and being violent and obnoxiously paranoid. Claire reacts badly to the disgusting thing Matt, Angela and Noah did. Finally someone cares!

Peter hangs around being unemoting. Claire makes insulting comments about Nathan. Noah and Lauren make plans for the evil carnies telling Edgar that they know best and know how the evil carnies should live. Edgar does a runner after being told he’s just a brainwashed cultist. Samuel broods about someone called Vanessa. Sylar stalks Claire, because it's not like he’s ever done that before. This was just dire.
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