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Lost Season 6 Ep 8 Review


Kate continues to pant over Sawyer. Also Sawyer seems to have rapidly forgotten Juliet as he cries over Kate’s ratty sundress from season 3. Zack still has his creepy teddy bear. In the flash sideways Sawyer and Miles are cops while Charlotte makes an unnecessary return to annoy, be shrill and ever useless.

Sawyer finds out the fate of the Ajira survivors. Fake Locke says he plans to fly the plane off the island. Sure. Kate finally cops on that’s she’s fallen in with crazy people when Sayid acts stoned and Claire tries to knife her.

The goob Widmore acts like a snot as his people set up pylons and make plots. What’s in the locked room? How does Sawyer plan to steal Widmore’s submarine? What is the annoying Widmore up to now? What is the point of the flash sideways? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I’m the smoke thing.”

“Well, that sounds safe.”

“Are you alright?”

“Take me to your leader.”

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