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The Fugitive (1993) Review

Dr Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) is wrongly convicted of killing his wife. As he is being taken to death row, his prison bus crashes and is hit by a train. He runs for it and is chased down by unrelenting force of nature US Marshal Sam Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones who rightly won an Oscar for this dynamic role).

Dr Kimble runs, shaves off his Chuck Norris beard and decides to find the one armed man who killed his wife himself. Why his legal team didn’t manage to do that already is never explained. Kimble is always a bit too lucky: his injury that never bothers him again, the fact that no one sees him treating himself at the hospital, the fact he just find shaving gear, food, hair dye and that a nurse is really unobservant. That’s some medical school Kimble went to. Did it have a survival class?

Gerard meanwhile kicks down doors and utters a series of withering one liners showing off his wry sense of humour. He and his team chase Kimble at a dam, down stairs and through a St Patrick’s Day parade. Kimble’s leprechaun hat during the St Patrick’s Day scene is something to behold. Kimble keeps looking for the one armed man (Andreas Katsulas of ‘Babylon 5’). Who hires a one armed man as a hitman anyway? Also Kimble’s hair dye wears off pretty fast.

Kimble finds the big bad behind it all and there is a big showdown. Kimble and Gerard bond, sort of. Still I wonder if TPTB ever thought of making a more downbeat ending. What if during the big confrontation the big bad had managed to shoot Gerard? What would have happened to Kimble then? This is a very good film. I dread the inevitable remake. Tommy Lee Jones as Gerard steals this movie be it shouting exposition, inexplicably discharging a firearm in a crowd and uttering great lines.

Best Lines:
“I didn’t kill my wife.”
“I don’t care.”

“He’s dead.”
“That’ll make him easy to catch.”

“What is this, a trench coat convention?”

“It’s time to stop running!”

“I thought you didn’t care.”
“I don’t. Don’t tell anybody, okay?”

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