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Caprica Ep 7 Review

The Imperfections of Memory

Clarice goes on about resurrection. Amanda freaks out about the maglev memorial being moved. So Clarice manipulates her some more. Zoë bullies Lacy. Why Lacy puts up with the sulky brat to the point of joining the STO isn’t explained. Zoë manipulates Philomon. Joseph runs around New Cap City.

Clarice and her group marriage are all nuts. Clarice and Amanda bond over Amanda revealing her brother died and she ended up in a mental hospital for years because she kept seeing him. Vergis reveals the MCP chip never worked. Daniel rants and finally wonders if Zoë is in the cylon.

This was dull. Sure the seeds of the destruction of the 12 colonies are being sown as Zoë plans more cylons, Clarice thinks Amanda’s psychotic gibberish is prophecy and Daniel is just a vile person on so many levels.

Best Lines:
Dead people shouldn’t have avatars.”

“I spent the first six months chasing my dead brother down hallways.”

“All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again.”

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