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Burn Notice season 1 Eps 4 – 7 Reviewed

Old Friends
This show just does nothing for me sadly. Michael tangles with his stupid scumbag brother Nate as well as free a bimbo from some pimps. Michael’s mother continues to be in denial about her abusive husband and the fact that Nate is a tool. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“If it looks like you’re about to get into a fight that could get you killed, try starting another one.”

“One more thing about bobby-traps, make sure your friends know not to drop by unannounced.”

Family Business
Nate whines as Michael tangles with arms dealers. Michael and Fiona have fun with cake icing. Michael continues to put up with his moron family. This is a less interesting take on ‘The Pretender’. This was dull.

Unpaid Debts
Agent Bly and his terrible acting show up to intimidate Michael. Nate does his usual ‘poor me’ whine. A boat repo goes badly. This is all boring dross and detritus.

Best Line:
“I gave her enough sedatives to knock out a trucker.”

Broken Rules
Bly continues to annoy and show off his rotten acting. Fi shows off her bad lip job. Ernie (Esai Morales of ‘Jericho’ and ‘Caprica’) hires Michael to get rid of Concha a cold hearted crime boss. So Michael wears a sleeveless shirt and goes wild with a baseball bat and turpentine to scare off Concha’s crew. Concha is impressed by his serious psycho act and hires him so Michael resorts to more extreme methods to get rid of her. This disappointed.
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