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Lost Season 6 Ep 7 Review

Dr Linus

In the flash-sideways Ben talks about Napoleon and Elba. He also tutors Alex and tries to steal the Principle’s job. He’s backed by Locke and Arzt, but his better nature wins out. So he all he has is his father and their memories of Dharma.

On the island, Ben somehow escaped fake Locke. Then Miles reveals that Ben killed Jacob. Miles also has an interest in Nikki and Paulo and their diamonds. Richard has lost his cool, calm exterior and is becoming unhinged. His trust in Jacob is gone and he regards Jacob’s gift as a curse. Fake Locke tempts Ben only for Ilana to make a kind offer. Ben seems to be acting nice, for now.

As Richard and Jack have a chat, the goob Widmore is lurking. This was okay; it was nice to finally see Richard again.

How can Ben get off the island? How did he set up his network of people? How much dynamite did the Black Rock hold? How long has Richard worked for Jacob? Did Miles dig up Nikki and Paulo to get their diamonds? How did Widmore find the island?

Best Line:
“Whatever he says, don’t believe him.”
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