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Heroes Season 4 Ep 11 Review

The Fifth Stage

TPTB just love their lens flare. Instead of concentrating on Nathan’s farewell, TPTB stuff this ep full of dull, unnecessary Samuel, Lauren and Noah scenes. Angela suddenly accepts that Nathan is dead. Peter decides to beat up Sylar. Claire’s spoilt, why does Gretchen care about her anyway?

Peter fights the large ham Sylar and attacks him with a nail gun. Peter gets Nathan back sort of and they chat and Nathan tosses himself off the roof, turns back into Sylar and walks off. Nathan is gone, what a lame insulting way to get rid of his character.

Elsewhere Noah’s revelation about how badly he treated the ‘specials’ has been forgotten. Samuel starts ranting about living space and nobody cops on that he’s a psycho. The creep puppet master Doyle shows up and he and Claire are friendly. Why? Why does Nathan still care about his psycho mother after what she did? Where are Becky and Hiro? This was dire.

Best Lines:
There’s not a Nathan to get back.”

“You really, really shouldn’t have.”

“What are you going to do? Beat him out of me?”

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