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Burn Notice Season 1 Eps 2&3 Reviewed


Michael wears a too tight white t-shirt and goes up against a con man named Quentin (Mark Pellegrino of ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Lost’). An old woman was defrauded of her savings and Michael wants that money back. Fi has ditched her Irish accent for a US accent and a whole new hoochie wardrobe. The plan to con the con man falls apart and a new plan must be thought up. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“You’ve been in the business way too long when you recognise the sound of a .45 calibre over the phone.”

“You were supposed to nudge him, not send him into a homicidal frenzy.”

Fight or Flight

Michael helps a waitress and her selfish, snotty, stupid teenager daughter. Bruce Campbell has really gone to seed. Michael takes the bad guy down, the daughter does stupid things and Michael’s mom ignores all his tales about how Michael was beaten by his father. This was bad.

Best Line:
“I remember him making me fake a seizure at Mr Good Wrench so he could steal spark plugs.”
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