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Fringe #1 + Angel #12 + BTVS #17 Reviewed

Fringe Issue#1
A set-up or prequel or something for the new show (which I've not seen).
Various characters have adventures involving telepathy, body switching and
parallel worlds. It's all very weird and unclear. But it does intrigue.

Angel Issue #12

Best Line: "Gunn has a right to be angry, even if he's currently not
expressing it in a healthy manner."

This issue has horrendously ugly art. Gwen's a traitor, Cordy's back, Angel
is dying and Gunn learns that it was never about him. Good can't operate in
LA and Wolfram & Hart have been manipulating things to make Angel into a
bloodthirsty vampire again. The vision of the seemingly inevitable future
was freaky. There is a hint that Doyle is returning. This was an okay issue,
but the art was terrible.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue #17
Buffy's in a sulk because she's not in any history books and she thinks
Fray's world sucks. Harth shows up to annoy and Buffy ignores people being
attacked by vampires. Fray takes exception to this and has an encounter with
future!Willow who shows her something that turns her against Buffy.
Meanwhile Xander and skankedoutcenatuar!Dawn have an encounter with forest
creatures they've somehow overlooked until now. Also Willow uses her big O
to encounter her snake woman mentor. A good issue but the characters are coming across as jerks.

What is so bad about Fray's world? Buffy just ignores people being attacked by vampires?
Why haven't the slayer army done anything about Warren/Amy/Twilight already? Willow is using Kennedy to communicate with the snake demon? Ugh. Why did the snake demon tell Willow not to look into the future? Why is future Willow seemingly inhuman and depowered of magic? What did future Willow show Fray?
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