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The Clifton House Mystery (1978) Eps 3 - 5 Reviewed

This was a big letdown, it's no 'Children of the Stones' or 'Dark Season'.

Ep 3
The sons and their father smash down a boarded up door and find the secret room. Jenny doesn't mention seeing the ghost as Emily told her not to. There is a skeleton in the secret room. The father responds to this discovery by playing the piano. For a concert pianist, he's spectacularly untalented. The shrew mother suddenly decides the house is haunted and plans a dinner party.

The shrew mother whines and gives Jenny body issues by commenting on the amount of butter she spreads on her toast. The father has no concept of Jenny's privacy. The shrew mother verbally abuses her daughter and cleaning lady. The two dinner party guests have the worst fake US accents ever. The dinner party goes badly when three drops of blood drip from the ceiling. This was boring.

Ep 4
The shrew mother whines. Jenny acts out due to her idiot toxic parents. There is bad acting all round. The sons ask a ghost hunter to come home with them. The old lady ghost is nice to Jenny, she probably pities her for having such a shrike for a mother. The mother screams a lot. This was dull.

Best Line:

Ep 5
Everyone overlooks the fact there is a skeleton just lying around in the secret room. People sit around talking. Jenny throws tantrums. The sound quality is terrible. The skeleton is connected to long ago riots. The father acts like a moron. The ghost hunter acts up. There are bad SFX and then the skeleton sits up. This was awful
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