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Trailer Fun Time

'Wrongfully Accused' trailer
That looked lame.

'Lord of the Rings: Return of the King' The lighting of the beacons scene
My favourite moment in the trilogy

'Fringe' season 2 Ep 16 promo
This looks creepy.

'Night of the Demons' (1988) trailer
30 somethings who can't act get possessed by demons.

'Night of the Demons'
(2009) trailer
Another remake! Slutty looking types are possessed by demons.

Best Line: "Hey guys, there are bodies in the basement!"

'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole'
opening credits
So hilarious, why isn't this on DVD?

'Season of the Witch'
This actually looks good. I want to see this more than 'Case 39' or 'Shutter Island'.

'Caprica' Ep 7 promo
Looks good.

'Stargate Universe' trailer
It's coming back and it looks good with aliens, water and Telford.
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