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Caprica Ep 6 Review

Know Thy Enemy

Vergis, the man from whom the MCP chip was stolen, shows up for revenge on Daniel. Joseph buys a holoband to look for Tamara in v-world but first he has to get it out of the box. Daniel and Amanda don't seem to be mourning Zoe much. Daniel and Joseph yell. Daniel is a jerk. Didn't he think that the MCP theft would have long term consequences?

Philomon has a thing for the Zoe-robot. Xeon looks up crazy STO member Barnabus. The STO seems to be run by something called the Conclave. Clarice is nuts and yells: "I have a plan." Clarice bonds with Amanda, sort of. Daniel is outsmarted by his nemesis. Zoe is a snot, no wonder she is "the most hated girl in the 12 worlds." Lacy's a moron.

It turns out Xeon built the bomb Ben used, Xeon is not at all upset by this. Zoe pretends to be a girl named Rachel so she and Philomon can flirt in v-world. What is this 'Friends' in space? This was dull and populated by jerks.

Who are the Conclave? Who is Clarice's contact? It sounded like Sarno.

Best Lines:
"Frakking killer robots in her house."

"My dream is to tear up your dream."

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