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Lost Season 6 Ep 6 Review


The lostaways are your basic nuclear family (Chernobyl model). As this episode progresses it becomes clear that Jack should have given Sayid that poison pill. Sayid fights Dogen, turns to the dark side, kills Dogen and joins up with fake Locke. As for the Temple? Half are wiped out and half join up with fake Locke.

Kate is irredeemably annoying. She tells Claire she’s been raising Aaron, Claire is not happy. Poor Dogen, we got to hear his back story. Which makes Jacob look like a jerk. Poor Dogen. Miles meets Ilana. Ben is left in the Temple, Ben is scared of Sayid. Kate sort of allies with fake Locke. The final scene is very creepy.

In the flash sideways Sayid meets Nadia who is married to his brother. Sayid’s bro is having problems with a thug named Keamy. In any universe, Keamy is a tool. And why did have Jin in his freezer? This was okay.

Where are Sawyer and Jin? Where is Richard? Fake Locke let Richard go but killed the other Others who wouldn’t join him, why? Is fake Locke evil incarnate? How long was Dogen on the island? How did he keep fake Locke out of the Temple?

Best Lines:
“Whatever brought you back, it wasn’t them.”

“Jacob drives a hard bargain.”

“You just let it in.”
“I know.”

“There’s still time.”
“Not for me.”

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