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Numb3rs Season 5 Ep 11 Review

Arrow of Time

Three cons escape prison via dental floss. One of them, Buck Winters, has a connection to Don via an earlier case. This is one of those episodes where TPTB actually make an effort.

Buck is on the far end of the wack spectrum and is out to have a showdown with Don. Charlie’s a jerk and selfish and doesn’t seem to care. Alan doesn’t seem to notice anything. Charlie thinks his father is dumb and doesn’t seem to care that his brother hasn’t talked to him properly since season 3. Don acts stoic and calls Buck out. Buck screams a lot but Don defeats him via being so laid back he might have overdosed on valium. This was very good.

Best Lines:
Floss math.”

“Two seriously fearless individuals. They dropped a meth lab and blew it up.”

“That’s a fairly ridiculous statement.”

“There’s 180 bullets looking at you.”

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