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Heroes Season 4 Ep 10 Review


This was boring beyond belief. Hiro is stupid and selfish beyond description as he learns Samuel killed his brother. Noah, Lauren, Sandra, Sandra’s new man and Claire have Thanksgiving dinner. Lyle is overlooked as ever. Noah pants after Lauren. Why is Sandra hanging out with her abusive, controlling ex? Especially since she is dating Doug, a nice guy.

The Petrellis have their meal. Angela is in denial. Peter makes faces, why he still has contact with his toxic mother isn’t explained. Angela admits the obscenity she and Matt carried out back in season 3. Peter and fake Nathan don’t as much as blink, what a letdown. Then Sylar asserts control, hams it up and runs away. Peter still has a non-reaction.

There is lens flare. Claire’s rude. There is bad acting. Gretchen shows up so she and Claire go on an evil carnie hunt. There’s no sign of Becky at the evil carnie’s Thanksgiving meal.

Samuel is a dreadful character, Hiro is dumb and selfish, Sylar overacts and yet TPTB just can’t stop shoving them onscreen all the time. This was so disappointing.

Best Line:
“You have raised the evil incarnate bar to an entirely new level. Thank you for giving me something to strive for.”
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