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Caprica Ep 5 Review

There is Another Sky

Tamara’s stuck in v-world and has to visit the game New Cap City after she meets people who promise to help her get out. New cap City is very ‘Sin City’ but Tamara soon learns that she is dead and she gets angry. Tamara can control code, she’s far more interesting a character than Zoë.

Joseph is falling apart and then he learns his insolent son is hanging out with Sam. Willie is fascinated by Sam and his you-know-I’m-cool-because-I look-like-trash sensibility. Joseph takes Willie fishing, it ends badly. Joseph holds a funeral ceremony for his wife and daughter. Then he is told Tamara is trapped in v-world.

Daniel shows off his cylon and says this is the future of Graystone. Zoë pouts; Zoë is the Kara Thrace of this show. Zoë and Daniel share undeserved senses of accomplishment.

The scenes with Tamara in v-world were very good especially the bank vault and her wounds showing code not blood. Shame her v-world buddy is a moron. This was very good.

Best Lines:
“What are you?”
“I’m awake.”

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