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Flashforward Ep 10 Review


This was the best episode since ‘White to Play’. During the blackout, in the darkness fate moved its huge hand. Demetri and Mark go to Hong Kong to track down the mystery phone caller. Lloyd holds a press conference and takes responsibility for the blackout. For some reason Simon also attends the blackout. Naturally this ends up with them being called the biggest mass murderers in history.

Janis suddenly wants a baby. Dylan is still in the hospital bed blocking. It’s been months, why is he still there? Simon shows up at the FBI to assist them with Mosaic. Simon sees the pylon photos and says they are lasers that only exist as theories and someone built them even before Simon came up with the concept of them.

Mark’s a jerk. Lloyd’s a jerk. Zoë suddenly realises her flashforward didn’t show a wedding but a funeral. The mystery phone caller is revealed to be Nhadra who reveals that the person who kills Demetri is Mark. Naturally Mark makes a huge scene which results in him getting fired.

Olivia is suddenly drooling over Lloyd and his son. Lloyd blathers on about other worlds theory, which may or not be relevant in future eps. Lloyd practically drools over Olivia; he doesn’t seem to miss his dead wife.

This was very good. This show has become interesting again. Nhadra is conducting her own investigation and she has D Gibbons in her office. Why? Why is Demetri still hanging out with Mark? Who kidnapped Lloyd and why should we care? Why would Mark kill Demetri? Why is Olivia suddenly so concerned about Lloyd? Did people see the future or another world? What is up with the pylons?

Best Lines:
“You’ve set things in motion that will end very badly for you.”

“Your death is the first in a long line of dominos, that I’d rather not see fall down.”

“You will pull the trigger and then again and then again.”

“Your partner is going to kill you intentionally.”
“Why would I do that? Why?”
“Presumably in the next few months, a reason will present itself.”

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