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The Clifton House Mystery (1978) Ep 2 Review

The nagging lazy mother ignores her daughter Jenny while her horrible, irritating sons create mayhem. Jenny gets a visit from the creepy Emily who is the granddaughter of the house’s previous owner. Emily gives Jenny a gift.

The sons learn their house has a room with a window but no door. Emily’s grandmother shows up. Both of them are mental. The hideously vile mother takes Jenny’s present and tries to give it away. Emily’s grandmother mentions riots of 1831. The mother treats Jenny like a maid.

A fruit bowl levitates and breaks. This gives the drama queen mother an excuse to over-react and go berserk. The father ignores everything. Jenny sees a ghost but it’s not the same ghost her brother saw in ep 1. This was bad with bad acting.

Best Lines:
“I always get suspicious when I see Steven with a hammer.”
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