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Movie Review: Open Graves (2010)

In Spain 1485 a witch is executed and her body made into a board game. In modern day Spain a group of surfers with IQ’s in the minus numbers play the game. Nobody wonders why a game from 1485 Spain has cards printed in English. The characters are gormless, then they start dying.

Pablo becomes crab food, Lisa ages to death, Miguel is snake chow, Tomas is shot and this leaves Jason and Erika (Eliza Dushku of ‘Dollhouse’) to save the day. They learn the man who sold them the game is freaky and the investigating police detective is a nutcase.

Dragonflies of doom fly around, Helena dies in a car wreck and this makes Jason decides to play the game again. The villain is obvious and the twist is lame. This film was more or less inadequate. It had bad acting, terrible dialogue and was one of those soul destroying, intellect crushing movies populated by blank eyed drones that you will soon forget.

Best Line:
This sucks. Give me Xbox any day.”
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