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Movie Reviews: The Crazies + Jennifer's Body

The Crazies (2010)

A remake of the freaky 1970’s original. This is downbeat and creepy, plus unlike the turgid ‘The Wolfman’ this has actual scares. Our hero (played by one of the killers from ‘Scream 2’) tries to save himself, his wife and his sidekick from death after a biological weapon gets into the town’s water supply. It makes people murderously insane and there is no cure.

On a distasteful note the hero’s wife keeps getting menaced, needs constant rescuing and is told to shut up. Still the film has a nice downer ending and some genuine scares. This was okay.

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Jennifer (Megan Fox) and Needy (Amanda Seyfried of ‘Veronica Mars’ and ‘Mean Girls’) are best friends in the small town of Devil’s Kettle. But something foul is afoot when Low Shoulder, a third rate emo band come to town. The lead singer Nikolai (Adam Brody of ‘The O.C.’ and ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’) is so desperate for success that he and his bandmates sacrifice Jennifer in a dark ritual they found online so they’ll be famous.

Things don’t go according to plan and Jennifer shows up at Needy’s house blood soaked, howling and projectile vomiting. She’s possessed by a demon and needs to eat human flesh to stay beautiful. She chows down on a football player and a goth.

Needy has to decide what to do about her best friend turned frenemy. Meanwhile Low Shoulder with their manscara and bad lip syncing become huge stars. But a day of reckoning is coming. This was very good with wonderfully waspish dialogue and some great laughs. This film and unfairly under-rated and over-looked.

Best Lines:
Quit tampooning yourself and get down here.”

“This is a dark, dark day for Devil’s Kettle.”

“I’m still a little depressed about, you know, the smouldering funeral pyre in the middle of town.”

“Jennifer’s evil.”
“I know.”

“Our library has an occult section?”

“Did you hear what Colin Gray looked like when they found him?”
“Lasagne with teeth?”
“You heard.”
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