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CSI Season 9 Ep 20 Review

A Space Oddity

Astro Quest is a beloved 1960’s TV show that bears a startling resemblance to ‘Star Trek’. It starred a heroic firm jawed captain (Joshua Coxx of ‘Babylon 5’) and has an army of devoted fans. Then a noxious man named Danson makes a dark and edgy remake: Astro Quest Redux. The fans reject it and someone kills Danson. But whodunit?

This ep centres on two minor characters, Hodges and Wendy (Liz Vassey of ‘Maximum Bob’), as they help to solve the case and have buckets of UST. This was very good with hilarious imaginary scenes and the killer being revealed as Danson’s partner (Kate Vernon of ‘Battlestar Galactica’) who reacted badly to him stealing her ideas.

Best Lines:
The mythology began to eat away at my soul.”

“You suck!”

“I’m making a documentary on the gestalt constructs of sci-fi mytho culture.”

“He was killed by one of the signifiers he sought to subvert.”

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