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Heroes Season 4 Ep 9 Review

Brother’s Keeper

Samuel killed Mohinder then Hiro travels back in time eight weeks and changes Mohinder’s fate by dumping him in a loony bin. His brain melting problems and Ando are both forgotten. Tracy loses control of her powers, bonds a bit with Claire and decides to join the evil carnies.

Claire has ditched college to hang out with her creepy father. Peter and fake Nathan find the real Nathan’s body. Angela has been keeping her dead son in a freezer in a storage locker, nice. They look up Matt who tells them what he did. They take the truth way too calmly. Matt escapes the hospital and Sylar seems to be back in his own body.

Mohinder learns that Samuel was born at Coyote Sands and that ‘specials’ as he calls them give off an aura. Samuel uses these auras to increase his power. Oh and Mohinder built the compass as if anyone cares.

This was dull. Samuel is just evil apparently. Hiro is a jerk and Peter has no reaction to learning his brother is dead and that Sylar is walking around wearing Nathan’s face. He had a far stronger reaction in ‘Five Years Gone’. This show is just rubbish now; Nathan’s whole turn to the dark side in season 3 has been forgotten. Tracy freezing Claire and breaking off her foot was ridiculous. Nobody has any discernable personality traits.
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