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Lost Season 6 Ep 5 Review


Jack and Hurley wander around the island until the find yet another island monument, a lighthouse. Claire has been living in the jungle for three years learning to make soup from rocks and grass. She’s nuts and friends with fake Locke. Jin is so screwed. Jacob tells Hurley that someone is coming to the island. Kate is still trying to find Claire unaware Claire has anger issues about her son. Murderous anger issues. So either fake Locke or Jacob is the worst person who ever lived. But which one?

In the flash sideways, Jack has a surly son named David. Who is David’s mother and why does Jack only see him once a month? David’s surly and plays piano, what is this ‘Everwood’? Jack meets Dogen.

What’s with the Egyptian theme? Who’s coming to the island? What is with the lighthouse? What does Jack have to do? What is Jin playing at? Is Jacob going to let fake Locke and Claire kill everyone in the Temple? Claire plans to kill Kate if she raised Aaron, so a Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson type brawl is forthcoming no doubt. What does fake Locke have against the Others? This was good.

Best Lines:
How is it that we’ve never seen it before?”

“Does it say anything on your arm about the door being jammed?”

“That’s weird.”

“Mission unaccomplished.”

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