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Caprica Ep 4 Review


The STO set off another bomb. So the Global Defence Department search Zoë’s home and the Athenian Academy. However the school turns up clean as Sister Clarice was alerted to the raid.

Daniel goes on a talk show to repair the Graystone image. Sam stalks Amanda and he has a bobble head bull in his car. Lacy chases after a bad boy. Joseph simmers. Zoë dances with one of Daniel’s minions.

On the ‘Backtalk’ show, Daniel’s attempt to fend off the forces of hell flop until Amanda storms the stage and wins people over. Daniel reveals the existence of the avatar. Sam and Amanda chat. Joseph changes his mind about the hit. This was okay.

Why is Zoë still hiding from her ‘parents’? Why does Zoë need to go to Geminion? What’ll become of Clarice’s group marriage? Will Agent Duram uncover Clarice?

Best Line:
“You made an electronic ghost of your dead daughter?”
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