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Survivors Series 2 Ep 6 Review

Series 2 couldn’t have entertained a dead rat but this episode injects some tension, suspense and an interesting hook into series 3.

At the lab the gang meet surviving scientist Fiona. She claims Abby caused the wipe out of the lab by infecting Jill. Anya and Tom have issues and the same conversation over and over. Whitaker is also alive (he stole the lab’s supply of anti-serum) and hiding Peter. Abby is dumb and shouts and Peter is moronic and shouts. Abby is a drama queen and declares that only she knows the meaning of loss.

Al volunteers for an experimental vaccine. Greg and his instantly cured shotgun wound investigate PSJ’s computer system and learns secrets. Naj is dumb. Al lives, the vaccine works. Fiona runs off to join Whitaker only for the stupid brat Peter to shoot her. Anya breaks up with Tom, who responds by cleaning his gun ominously. Anya wanted to take the vaccine on the road to save others; she alone seems to have compassion.

Whitaker plans to take Peter to Landry. Whitaker doesn’t seem to be mourning his wife and child. A plane flies in for Whitaker and Peter; there is a race to the airfield. There’s a standoff and a gun battle. Landry blathers about rebuilding society and reveals that PSJ accidentally created the virus and organised the covert evacuation when they knew a pandemic was inventible. Anya splutters: “You killed billions of people!” Landry shrugs.

Whitaker’s shot dead, Naj is a moron, Peter and Abby are reunited, Landry runs off with the vaccine and Tom hides out on the plane. This was okay with some decent tension and a nice cliffhanger.

Where is the man Peter was with at the end of series 1? Who is Landry? Where is the lab’s power coming from? What bigger organisation is PSJ a small part of? What is Tom planning to do? When is the rebuilding of society going to start? Or will the mutated virus kill everyone left?

Best Lines:
“This isn’t your nice middle class world anymore, this is the Dark Ages.”

“How could you leave your friends and family to die?”
“I chose life.”

“There is no future.”

“How did you know about the virus before anyone else?”

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