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The Tudors Season 2 Ep 6 Review

Best Lines:
"You must shut your eyes and endure as your betters have done."

"The prophecy says a Queen of England will be burned."

"Don't you know that I can drag you down as quickly as I raised you?"

Henry is having naked angst over More's execution and blames Anne for it
all. Meanwhile Anne is growing ever more insecure and turns into a drunken
nagging shrew. George Boleyn married Jane Parker and assaults her on their
wedding night. Mary has a sweet bonding moment with her baby half-sister.
Cheese-anvils about Henry's reign being remembered forever fall. The Duke of
Suffolk continues to hate Anne, why he hates her has never been quite clear.
Henry Norris shows up. After a visit from French wine snobs, Henry does some
dramatic candle extinguishing and then he and Anne have a vicious fight which
proves Anne's days are numbered.

This was okay but Anne's plight is undercut by the fact that Natalie Dormer
is a bad actress.

Fashion moments:
The Duchess of Suffolk's hat.
Henry in black, it looks good on him but wasn't black strictly the colour
of mourning back then?
Anne's diamond tiara.
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