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2002 TV

Cleared out a tape from 2002ish. It has one ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’, one ‘The X Files’ and one ‘Angel’ on it.

The ‘Enterprise’ ep was the season 1 ‘Two Day and Two Nights’ in which Archer, his dog, Hoshi, Tucker, Reed and Mayweather visit Risa. Phlox tries to hibernate. Reed and Tucker are sleazy. Archer bores. Hoshi has a one night stand and it’s all so dull.

The ‘X Files’ ep was the season 9 two-parter ‘Nothing Important Happened Today’. Never was an episode so aptly named. Lucy Lawless and Cary Elwes were wasted as guest stars, the revised opening credits reeked and there was endless padding. Did anyone care about Doggett and Monica? People talk portentously at each other about cloning and super soldiers. This show was so dour. William’s baby mobile moves by itself! Wow, cue the ominous piano chords. This was boring.

Finally the ‘Angel’ ep was the season 3 finale ‘Tomorrow’. Groo stops making faces and leaves, Cordelia has vile hair. Justine and the dead Holtz fool the moronic Connor. Cordelia and Angel get close. Wesley tries really hard to be hardcore. Skip tells Cordelia it’s time for her to become a higher being, he is so lying. Cordelia glows and floats into the sky. Angel ends up at the bottom of the ocean. This ep was trying way too hard.

Best Line:
Where’d everybody go?”
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