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Book Reviews: Unperfect Souls + Lovecraft Unbound

Unperfect Souls by Mark del Franco

The 4th in the Connor Grey urban fantasy series sees the druid face the darkness within him. As death and urban unrest rock the city, Grey uncovers a conspiracy with life changing consequences.

As a result of events in this book and Grey’s actions everything has changed now. I’m eager to find out where book 5 will take the plot. This was good and the Connor Grey series just got way more interesting.

Lovecraft Unbound edited by Ellen Datlow

This is an okay collection of stories based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

The Crevasse
A polar exploration goes wrong when the team stumble across the crevasse of the title. This was good.

The Office of Doom
Ordering forbidden books on the inter-library loan system leads to trouble in this gently scary tale.

Cold Water Survival
A group camp out on an iceberg and rapidly learn there are shapes in the ice. This was good.

Come Lurk With Me and Be My Love
Careful whom you love. A lonely man meets a lovely girl and then she brings him home to her family. This was good.

Houses under the Sea
In the aftermath of a cult’s mass suicide, all sorts of strangeness is being revealed. This was excellent.

An explorer looks for a previous lost expedition, you can guess the rest. This was okay.

A college graduation has its rituals. This was okay.

Vernon, Driving
A little tale of everyday horror.

Marya Nox
An excellent story about what happened when a buried church was unearthed.

Catch Hell
A disturbed couple summon something.

That Of What We Speak When We Speak Of The Unspeakable
Armageddon is in progress in this short little tale of the doomed.
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