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Supernatural Season 5 Ep 3 Review

The End

Dean finds himself in a future where the apocalypse has begun thanks to an angry angel. Or was it really the future or just an angel trick? Anyway Dean wanders around 2014 where the Croatoan virus is loose, Castiel is a hippy and Sam wears a white suit as he’s now Lucifer. Sam as Lucifer is a master class in bad acting.

Sam saying yes to Lucifer is no surprise, he’s a drama queen who abandoned any sense of morality years ago. When he and Dean reunite at the end he still doesn’t apologise. So will Dean say yes to Michael? At this rate, probably yes to get away from this thankless dimwit brother. This was good, Castiel is becoming more likeable as Sam isn't.

Best Lines:
“This isn’t funny Dean; the voice says I’m almost out of minutes.”

“That’s never a good sign.”

“You horde toilet paper you understand. Horde it, horde it like it’s made of gold. Because it is.”

“Something is broken in you.”

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