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Book Review: Seven Seasons of Buffy

Seven Seasons of Buffy edited by Glenn Yeffeth

From the publisher who brought us essay collections on ‘Supernatural’, ‘Veronica Mars’, ‘Angel’, ‘Firefly’ and ‘Charmed’ comes this collection about ‘Buffy, The Vampire Slayer’. This is a good collection that looks at the good and bad of the show.

Is That Your Final Answer…?
An essay that suggests Xander was the greatest force for good in Sunnydale.

A Slayer Comes To Town
A look at storytelling in the show.

Skin Pale As Apple blossom
A charming look at Tara.

The Good, the Bad And The Ambivalent
How all the characters were flawed.

For The Love Of Riley
A firmly written essay that lays out why Riley was Buffy’s soulmate.

A Buffy Confession
A hardcore fan’s take on the show’s downfall.

Dating Death
Buffy, her men and passion are discussed.

The Meaning of Buffy
Various topics raised by the show are discussed.

When Did The Scoobies Become Insiders?
This essay points out that in the beginning the characters were outsiders and by the end they were running the show and were miserable and how disappointing that was.

Power Of Becoming
Willow’s abuse of magic is discussed.

Unseen Horrors & Shadowy Manipulations
The show and censorship.

Where’s The Religion In Willow’s Wicca?
Willow referred to herself as a “wicca”, this writer points out she was no such thing.

A World Without Shrimp
Alternate realities depicted on the show are discussed.

Matchmaking On The Hellmouth
Who is Buffy’s perfect match? This author has a very surprising suggestion.
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