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Survivors Series 2 Ep 5 Review

The gang meet up with yet another group of survivors. This lot live on a farm in an idyllic valley and everyone has clean and shiny clothes, teeth and hair. Then Sarah stumbles across a couple suffering from a mutated version of the virus and a quarantine zone is established, barely.

Meanwhile Greg and Abby visit his home using their endless petrol. The duo learns about the postcards which were a secret invitation to an airfield where a select evacuation was carried out.

Tom gets annoyed when a farm lass catches Anya’s eye so he bullies her into consummating their relationship. Al’s a moron, Naj is a brat and Sarah tends to the dying couple. As predicted by the evil scientists the second wave of the virus has arrived. Tom of all people figures out the virus is being spread by the birds. Sarah dies. Abby burns down the plague house and leads a return to the lab. How do they find the lab? How do they never run out of petrol? At the lab things get even more dramatic.

Who were the chosen few who were saved? Who choose them? Where Greg’s wife and kids among them? Where did the chosen escape to? How did they know what was coming? How has Greg recovered from his gunshot wound so fast?

Best Line:
The virus finally broke through their defences.
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