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Caprica Ep 3 Review

Reins of a Waterfall

Zoë as herself and as an avatar is an annoying narcissist. Neither Daniel nor Joseph seems in complete control of their mental facilities. Amanda is fired. Lacy is harassed at school. Sam beats up Daniel. Willie hangs out with his uncle’s crime lord friends.

The police chief (Peter Wingfield of ‘Highlander’, ‘Strange World’ and ‘Sanctuary’) reveals some information about Ben Starke that is promptly covered up. Joseph is yelled at. Zoë and Lacy let Tamara loose. The Graystones have no friends and Daniel is urged to use PR.

Sister Clarice hangs around being useless; it is revealed that Zoë didn’t trust her. Avatar Zoë bullies Lacy. Clarice and her boss blather on about Avatars, apotheosis and prophecy. So that’s where the cylons got their boring whining from.

Lacy has more boring teenage issues. Joseph fearing Tamara is lost orders a hit on Amanda. This was dull, these people are all jerks.
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