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Fringe season 2 Ep 15 Review


The two universes collide with devastating consequences. We get a brief glimpse of New York in the other universe before a building from there collides into one here. People merge with their doubles and it’s all very gross. Newton is behind it though he doesn’t appear in this ep. In fact he hasn’t done much or appeared much since his dramatic debut. So much for him being the big bad.

Walter reveals that for something to come from the other universe, something from our universe must go to the other side. There has to be balance. Which makes one wonder, when Walter stole Peter what was used as balance?

Walter reveals that the experiments he did on Olivia as a child made her able to see things from the other side glimmering. He reactivates this ability in her. Which saves some lives but when Olivia and Peter are about to go out for drinks she sees him glimmering like Edward Cullen. Oh dear. She’s shattered and Walter begs her: “Please don’t tell him.” This was very good.

Where can the show go from here? Will Olivia keep the secret? How much longer can Peter be kept in the dark? Astrid suspects, Olivia now knows even Newton knows. Will this change Olivia and Peter’s relationship? What will Peter do when he finds out that his 'dad' is his kidnapper?

Does Olivia love Peter? Does Peter love her? They nearly did kiss after all. Why is coffee rare in the other universe? Are there double decker cars in the other universe? What were Walter and Bell thinking by doing their experiments?

Best Lines:
“A quantum tectonic event.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Conspiracy nuts are going to have a field day.”

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