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The Holiday 1x04+The Prisoner 1x10&1x11+Our House 1x03 Reviewed

The Holiday 1x04

A stupid slutty teen girl caused all this. There's been a death. The psycho teen boy needs to be put in borstal. The cretins blather. The lying hubby needs a good scrubdown. What a load of bollocks this was.

It's Your Funeral

The star apparently had a nervous breakdown during this ep. Six is warned about an upcoming assassination. There is talk of jamming. Six bounces on a trampoline as 'Asian' music plays. Don't ask me why. This was all terribly unsubtle.

Best Lines:

“Constantly aggressive.”

“Humours other eccentric resident.”


Rover bounces down the street. There is human chess. Six looks for allies but his creepy monotoning puts people off. Six is a sexist angry burk. This wasn't good.

Best Line:

“You'll get water when you obey.”

Our House 1x03

Bram is awful. An obviously evil lawyer won't help Fi. The children are ignored by Fi. As for Fi, she has a good cry. Bram played Fi. Bram learns the comatose child has died. Bram is a violent idiot, who didn't tell Fi anything. Communication people! This is so bad.

Best Lines:

“Serious collusions unit.

"That was all rather unpleasant."

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