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Flashforward Ep 8 Review

Playing Cards With Coyote
This show is dead isn’t it? How many show runners has it gone through? C’est le vie.

Al’s suicide note to Celia makes headline news. It seems the future can be changed. There is another unnecessary musical montage. Dylan’s still in hospital being a bed blocker yet Janis has returned to work.

Simon stands around being ominous which is all he ever does. TPTB continue to ignore Bryce. He was about to publicly kill himself in ep 1 and yet he’s been ignored ever since and no-one asks him why he wanted to kill himself. Lloyd and Simon play poker if Lloyd wins he will go public with the information that he and Simon caused the blackout.

Mark gives Olivia the underwear she was wearing in the flashforward of her and Lloyd, so she throws it out. Tracey the beloved daughter is a mess. Tracey says Jericho tried to kill her because of what she saw them do. This was dull; I’m all but out of interest in this show.

Is there a mole in the FBI? Simon is a bad, bad man yet why are we supposed to care? What is Aaron’s flashforward all about? Where Lloyd and Simon’s poker buddies deaf? Did they not hear what the duo were talking about? Why are TPTB ignoring Bryce? What was the final scene with the tattooed men and the rings all about?

Best Line:
“Don’t you ever get tired of hearing yourself pontificate?”
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