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Heroes Season 4 Ep 7 Review

Once Upon A Time In Texas

Hiro has travelled back in time to save Charlie. This ep is nothing but Sylar, Hiro, Noah and the evil carnies. Joy. Why does Hiro act like he’s special needs? Charlie annoys. Noah is a goob and flirts with a female co-worker never mentioned before or since. Samuel’s ‘Irish’ accent wobbles. Hiro saves Charlie. Why does nobody ever just kill Sylar?

Noah macks on Lauren his co-worker. Isaac pops up. Noah obsesses over Claire; Lyle is always an afterthought to him. Why isn’t Hiro’s brain melting? Why does Hiro give people idiotic nicknames? Why does Sylar fix Charlie? Why did Lauren have her memory wiped? Why did Samuel trap Charlie in time? This was dumb.
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