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2002/2003 TV Viewing

Cleared out a tape from 2002/2003. It had one movie and two TV show episodes on it.

Firstly there was an episode of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’. It was the ep ‘I, Borg’ where the crew discover a lone Borg drone survivor and befriend it. Then they teach it to think of itself an individual, call the drone Hugh and send it back to the Borg as a weapon. Picard makes speeches. Guinan’s rude. There is lots of dull moralising in-between the low rent looking scenes. Nobody wonders where/when Hugh was assimilated or even thinks to ask. Geordi can’t act. The ‘TNG’ cast as a whole have less personality than the Borg. There is no mention of a Borg Queen. At the end of the ep Hugh is abandoned, forgotten and cast off. This really wants to be worthy but isn’t.

The movie was ‘Cruel Intentions 2: Manchester Prep’. After the wonderfully camp original film TPTB decided to turn it into a TV show which was cancelled before ever airing. This is the unholy mish mash of TV show footage and new scenes. Sebastian (Robin Dunne of ‘Sanctuary’) is poor and nice and his father is a gold digger. Kathryn (Amy Adams of ‘Enchanted’) his new stepsister is mean and bullied by her vile mother. The stepsiblings fight though over what isn’t really clear. There is no sign of Blaine or Court or Greg. This boring and badly acted. Kathryn’s hellbeast behaviour and running of the school bully society doesn’t play into her angelic reputation in the first film. This takes itself too seriously and there is no camp. TPTB try way too hard to make Sebastian nice so his sudden personality change in the last few minutes makes no sense.

Finally there was an ‘Odyssey 5’ ep named ‘Kitten’. I used to love ‘Odyssey 5’ which was all about time travel, the end of the world, aliens and multiple conspiracies. Naturally it was cancelled and nothing ever explained. A Sentient (aka evil alien) becomes obsessed with Neil (Christopher Gorham the show killer of ‘Popular’, ‘Jake 2.0’ and ‘Harper’s Island’). Angela is up on the ISS and a colleague doesn’t like her. Neil’s obsessed with his stupid girlfriend. Made up computer technology is used to fight the Sentient. Sarah obsesses over her son and comes across as a lunatic. This ep was really stupid.

Best Line:
“My future ex wife that wasn’t.”
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