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Lost Season 6 Ep 3 Review

What Kate Does

The flash-sideways shows Kate and Claire bonding. That’s how girls end up dead. But how did Kate find Claire again after throwing her out of the hijacked taxi? Why does it take the cops so long to look for the hijacked taxi? How is Claire paying for her hospital treatment? Her doctor is one Ethan Goodspeed aka Ethan Rom. How is that possible?

Back on the island Dogen tells Jack that Sayid is infected and ‘claimed’ by darkness. Sawyer has a hissy fit and runs away. Kate chases after him despite the fact he’s greasy as lard and Juliet isn’t even cold. Sawyer throws away the engagement ring he got for Juliet. Kate at last seems to realise that he doesn’t want her and cries. Jack is told who else has been ‘claimed’ and is ‘gone’. Jin meets an old friend in the jungle. Is this the sickness that Danielle was ranting about back in season 1? How did Dogen know about Jack’s half sister? What is the relationship between Dogen and Richard? This was slightly dull.

Best Lines:
“I was brought here, like everyone else.”

“There is a darkness growing in him.”

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