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Caprica Ep 2 Review


Zoë was a smug, stupid, bored little rich girl in life and her cylon reincarnation is just as bad. The Zoë cylon annoys and pulls smug faces. Agent Durham’s investigate goes on. Amanda learns more about her daughter and does not like what she finds. Sister Clarice plays with Lacy’s mind. Sister Clarice has a group marriage and even her own family are suspicious of her.

Willie Adama sees his Uncle Sam at work. Lacy and the Zoë cylon act like stroppy teenagers, what is this ‘Gossip Girl’? A memorial service is held for the victims. Amada speaks about Zoë and riggers a riot.

This was good. Why did Ben carry out the bombing? What is Clarice up to? How much of a jerk is Daniel? The opening credits are very nice. The Atlas Stadium with the anthem are also very nice.

Best Line:
We create life and then one day we have to face who they are. What they become and what they do.”
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