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Movie Review: 3 Days Of The Condor

3 Days Of The Condor (1975)

Everyone he trusts will try to kill him. Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway star in this tale of a CIA station attack and how the sole survivor is beleaguered. This is an anarchic arena that is particularly undistinguished.

The 'hero' will be beleaguered. This was demented and not rollicking. The hero was less than discriminating about his job. Select lowlife chase him. This was an execrable busted flush. His office mates were massacred. So much for security. Were they deaf? Did they not hear the gunfire? People hurl themselves around after being shot in OTT fashion. Computers have tapes.

This was made during a shadowy era. There is cold anger and a settling of old scores and a stalemate that neither side is backing down from. The hero's misspent lunch lead to his doom. This was not a startling yarn. The hero is long suffering. Mendacious felons attack. There is delusional thinking and people are not reputable characters.

This was a shambles with a tragic denouement. Interest is abortive. Authority figures don't listen. There is no down to the wire battle. The hero is dogged. There is smoking and a massive ashtray. There are flimsy rationalisations. There is extraordinary dishonesty. The hero is in a predicament. This was truly odd but not potent. The plot is artifically contrived.

This was non serious. It is morally obligatory to be morally indefensible. This was a caricature. The plot is highly complex and not subtle. The hero Redford takes Dunaway hostage. The obvious is usually the obvious. There is coercion and corruption. This movie was such a sausage fest.

The hero is deeply disturbed by harsh reality. Things are traumatic emotionally for him. There is growing belligerence. The hero's job was to read spy novel for ideas and leaks. There is no moral leadership. This was poor and pathetic. There is dangerous ambiguity and moral relativism. This was wholly inadequate. There are criminal acts and vicious, bad tempered people.

The hero is beleaguered and abrasive. He's treated very shabbily. This was disastrous. Everything is a source of distress to him. This was deplorable. He catastrophises. Nobody is calm or moderate. There are fairly disastrous consequences to everything. Escape routes have been cut off. Dunaway is manhandled a lot. There are brutal tactics and one deplores the 'romance' that develops. There is no nunace. There is an unrelenting campaign and misery and no considered decisions. This was nihilist. There are allegations and the hero resents enormously.

Things are distraught adn unforgiving. Serious subjects are mentioned. There is dated tech and was this of any benefit to the public? There are disastrous implications. Things are irreconcilable. There are jaded palates. People are detested. There are disastrous implications. There is devastation. There is notable bitterness. This was not electifying. It's all about oil or something. This was bad and not fabulously intense. There is no gruff lyricism. There is no sharp realism.

There is no vibrancy. A furore follows him. This was not chilling. His life has taken a nightmarish turn. People want rid of him. There is incompetent skulduggery. There is an unvisitable world. This was not comprehensible. There are no charming errors and no trust or respect. There are lines that have a touch of prophecy.

Things dither and delay. This utterly failed. The ending is downbeat as the hero tells his tale to a newspaper. Will they print it? Will they? Max Von Sydow also starred. People are unscrupulous and the days are very dark. This was catastrophic.

Best Lines:

“Ice bullet.”

“They just look complicated.”

“Entirely happy here?”

“Within obvious limits.”

“By authorised means only.”

“I won't scream.”

“I know.”

“The whole house was murdered!”

“Are you damaged?”

“I'm not a field agent. I just read books.”

“6 cold items.”

“Researcher type.”

“Literally out to lunch.”

“How come I need a codename and you don't?”

“I'm not going in any alley!”

“Somebody you know.”

“Who's left?”

“What are you scatred for? You've got the gun!”

“Read everything that's published in the world.”

“Somebody or something is rotten in the company.”

“Where'd you get that?”

“The mailman.”

“I promise you I'll hurt you.”

“Drugs were not involved.”

“In the suspicion business.”

“Before we knew enough to number them.”

“What's the secret?”

“I don't interest myself in why.”

“What if?”

“You have no much future there.”

“You poor dumb son of a bitch.”

“About to be a very lonely man.”

“It didn't have to end this way.”

“Of course it did.”

“What is it with you people?”

“In 10 or 15 years: food!”

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