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Survivors Series 2 Ep 4 Review

Greg and Tom work in the slave mine. Abby and co use their seemingly inexhaustible supply of petrol to drive around looking for them. Al blathers on about “the emptiness” of the post-virus world. What emptiness? They keep running across hordes of people! Speaking of which Abby and co just happen to locate Billy. Seems Billy drives around in his truck of delights grabbing survivors and turning them over to Smithson.

Greg goes full tilt self righteous. Naj is dumb. Smithson of all people points out that scavenging isn’t a good plan long term. Sarah bonds with Smithson’s tea girl Sally. Tom escapes as he wants back to Anya. Abby, Anya and Smithson sit around talking about ethics. Shouldn’t everyone be cold, dirty and staggering around the moors looking for dead sheep to eat raw instead of having dinner parties?

Everyone escapes the mine and they go on a roaring rampage of revenge. Sally joins up with Abby and co. Meanwhile Billy’s latest group of captives includes Peter Grant. Peter is as dumb as his mother as he saves Billy’s life.

This show tries to be dark and edgy but is just dumb. This was an awful episode. Who’s mowing the grass? Why do people put up with Abby? What happened to Naj’s chickens?

Best Line:
Something isn’t right here.”
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