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Book Review: By Blood We Live

By Blood We Live edited by John Joseph Adams

This is a good and haunting anthology of vampire stories. It contains such stories as:

Snow, Glass, Apples
This is an ice cold and deeply disturbing version of ‘Snow White’.

The Master of Rampling Gate
This is a rather creepy tale which descends into being confusing and over written.

Under St. Peters
A very dark story about a vampire who is kept under St Peter’s Basilica.

Child of an Ancient City
A merchant tells of how he and his companions encountered a strange creature in a forest and how they escaped it.

Endless Night
One of the earliest polar explorations is going wrong. One of the team has his own reasons for being there and he shouldn’t be there at all.

This puts an interesting twist on the story of a motley group of vampire hunters. The identity of one hunter and the origins of the vampires are well done.

Life is the Teacher
A newly made vampire learns to hunt.

The Vechi Barbat
A woman in an asylum tells of what happened in her remote superstitious village.

A short tale of a vampire and the Roanoke colony.

Foxtrot at High Noon
In a post-apoc world, a man comes to a town plagued by a gang.

This is Now
This like ‘Stand by Me’ with vampires.

Blood Gothic
A woman wants a vampire lover so badly that her unfulfilled desire drives her mad.

Mama Gone
A dead woman scratches at the windows wanting in to her old home.

Abraham’s Boys
Van Helsing is viewed from a different perspective by his sons. He is not a hero to them but a terrifying presence.

Nunc Dimitis
A vampire’s servant seeks out his replacement.

A vampire pines for the man she does not have.

After The Stone Age
Vampirism is the new must have cosmetic surgery alternative.

A Stand Up Dame
A noir gumshoe meets a vampire.

Sunrise on Running Water
A vampire boards the Titanic.

A man is told by an angel to kill a vampire.

Undead Again
This tale of vampires in the future is nicely unsettling.

Peking Man
A tale of Stone Age vampires.

A vampire on the Italian Rivera.

A tale of vampire love.

Lucy, in her splendour
A couple deal with an unwanted vampire guest.

The Wide, Carnivorous Sky
A group of war veterans deal with a vampire.

One for the Road
A car breaks down by a vampire infested town.
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