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Supernatural Season 5 Ep 2 Review

Good God, Y’All

Bobby sulks and needs to shut up. Sam and Dean have sigils on their ribs and are hidden from the angels. Castiel shows up to reveal that Dean’s amulet can locate God. I keep thinking of Misha Collins guest role on ‘Nip/Tuck’. Anyway after that load of exposition the plot gets going.

Sam and Dean arrive at a town in trouble to the tune of ‘Spirit in the Sky’ and run into the old harpy Ellen. It seems the Book of Revelations is coming to pass in the town. But Sam is too busy being a snot and pulling a pity party to care.

One of the Four Horseman, War, is running around town causing problems. The day is saved, sort of. Sam then dramatically declares he is leaving on his own. He had his exit all set up and planned and this is undercut when Dean doesn’t object to him heading off. Drama queen. This was very good.
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