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Fringe Season 2 Ep 14 Review

The Bishop Revival

TPTB are really dragging out the Peter reveal. He stole Peter from the other universe no doubt triggering the war and the blight. He has some hard explaining to do. Plus where is Peter’s real father? Anyway a wedding descends into death. Walter drives and revealed he got married in a purple tuxedo. He also hopes Peter and Olivia will get married, somehow I doubt that will happen with the whole Peter is living in the wrong universe thing hanging over them.

Someone is targeting groups of people for death with a virus designed by Robert Bishop, Walter’s father. Peter reveals he sold Robert’s books ten years ago as he was angry at Walter. A pretentious wannabe made them into ‘art’ that has to be seen to be believed. Walter says: “Family is very important to me.”

The villain of the week is tracked down and there is a creepy revelation about who he was. This was good.

How did Peter sniff out the one non jasmine scented candle? Nobody seems to wonder why the toxin made to kill Walter doesn’t affect Peter. How did the villain not age? How much longer can the Peter secret be kept?
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