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Flashforward Ep 7 review

The Gift

I know ‘Stargate Universe’ was renewed but will this be? Mark has a look on his face like he’s taking a permanent power dump. People who didn’t have flashforwards set up the AlreadyGhosts website and do self destructive stuff. Alex Kingston guest stars again.

Demetri’s motivation is all over the place. Nicole volunteers at the only hospital in town. Olivia never asked why Bryce wanted to kill himself. Some friend she is. So he befriends Nicole. Dylan is still in hospital being a bed blocker.

Lloyd and Olivia chat. Mark, Demetri and Al hang out a boring death club. Aaron is told how Tracy died. Callum Keith Rennie of ‘Harper’s Island’ and ‘Due South’ guest stars as a lost aggressive nihilist.

It turns out Al’s flashforward showed he caused the death of a woman named Celia so to change the future he kills himself. Then Aaron arrives home to find Tracy waiting for him.

This was uninvolving. It has some good ideas but is badly paced, clichéd, populated by idiot characters and badly acted. Who are Jericho? Why did they try to kill Tracy? Why is nobody looking for Suspect Zero?

Best Lines:
Am I the only one who finds that disturbing?”
“No, you’re not.”

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