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Book Review: Well of Darkness

Well of Darkness: Book 1 of The Sovereign Stone Trilogy by Margaret Weis &
Tracy Hickman

Telling the stroy from the POV of the villians.

Nine year old Gareth is hired to be whipping boy to the spoilt, nasty nine
year old Prince Dagnarus. The boys become friends and play happily together.
So when the Prince becomes interested in Void magic aka death magic, Gareth
is only too happy to help him in his studies. When the boys become men of
twenty, the Prince is plotting to prevent his unloved older brother from
becoming King and Gareth is now a powerful wielder of Void magic.

Soon the two friends, the evil Prince and his doormat best friend are about
to unleash a horror upon their city. But will their victory also be a bitter
defeat? This was very good. Dagnarus is an unloved bully who beats loyalty
into Gareth, Dagnarus' father neglects him and his elder brother is a
wetrag. Gareth remains loyal to Dagnarus, though he feels bad about it. For
some reason, people view Dagnarus' evil with revulsion yet pity Gareth,
despite the fact both are equally culpable. The destruction the duo wreck is
somewhat deserved due to some cretinfest behaviour on the part of other
characters, people saw the whole evil tag teaming coming and did nothing to
stop it.

I look forward to reading the next two books.
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